We are inviting private hire drivers from London to take part in our research


Our research team is looking for drivers from London who are willing to share their experiences of working with Uber or other ride-hailing platforms. If you are private hire driver in London and use Uber or other ride-haling apps, please, contact us by email, text message, WhatsApp or Twitter message. We will be happy to have an opportunity to interview you over Zoom, Skype (or WhatsApp, or other suitable messengers). The interviews are anonymous and usually take about 45-60minutes. We offer an Amazon gift card as compensation for the driver’s time used for an interview

You can learn about our research project on our website https://platformeconomy.fi  

Contact information:

Email arseniy.svynarenko@tuni.fi

Phone /WhatsApp: + 358 50 318 25 23

Twitter https://twitter.com/uberisationrrr/ 

Regards, Arseniy Svynarenko and the Uberisation team.