RRR Uberisation

Uberisation influencing working conditions: Rights, regulation and redistribution in Helsinki, St Petersburg and London (RRR Uber) – this is a research project lead by Prof. Meri Koivusalo at the University of Tampere and it is funded by the The Academy of Finland, 2019-2021


Tampere University

Academy of Finland


Dr. Meri Koivusalo, professor of global health and development, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere.
Dr. Mikko Perkiö, post-doc researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere.
Dr. Arseniy Svynarenko, post-doc researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere.
Dr. Yana Krupets, assistant professor, deputy director of the Center for Youth Research, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg
Dr. Anuj Kapilashrami, senior lecturer in Global health
policy, Queen Mary University London (QMUL).


The emergence of new forms of platform economies, such as Uber, has disrupted the basis and context of regulation in taxi passenger services. This research project examines to what extent regulatory and legal context has shaped how Uber has become established in three cities: Helsinki, st Petersburg and London. We will interview experiences of drivers in each of the cities and will examine the overall operational context. We then look at regional and global context of regulation and how and on what basis lessons may be learned across countries. The aim of our research is to understand better the relationship between “uberisation” and national and local regulatory practices as well as to examine and analyse to what extent and how new platform economies could be used to enhance social protection in the informal sector. Furthermore we ask if and how new platform economies could – intendely or unintendedly – contribute to globalisation of social rights.

Contact us

You can contact us over FB https://www.facebook.com/uberisationrrr/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/uberisationrrr or by writing or calling to researchers directly.

Mikko Perkiö, email:  mikko.perkio AT tuni.fi

Arseniy Svynarenko, email: arseniy.svynarenko AT tuni.fi
Phone:  +358 50 318 2523

Postal address: Faculty of Social Sciences, Arvo Ylpön katu 34, 33014 Tampere University, FINLAND.