Running platform economy research projects

RRR Uber – Uberisation influencing working conditions: Rights, regulation and redistribution in Helsinki, St Petersburg and London.  The project examines how regulation of platform economy relates to regulatory initiatives and context concerning social security and employment status. Project is funded by The Academy of Finland, 2019-2022

ORIFODY – Occupational Risks of Food Delivery. project analyzes the risks in food delivery platfrom work and compares them to risks in similar types of salaried or entrepreneurial work within grocery store chains. The project is funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund (Työsuojelurahasto), 2021-2022


Tervetuloa seminaariin: Ruokajakelun työturvallisuus ja koetut riskit: vastuunjako, autonomia ja työn tukirakenteet. Ilmoittaudu 31.05 mennessä.

Ajankohta: 1.6.2022, klo 13-16.Paikka: Tieteiden talo, huom. väistötilan osoite on Runeberginkatu 14-16, 00100 Helsinki, (3. krs A-siipi), sali 305. Kielet/languages: Suomi & English. Ilmoittaudu maksuttomaan seminaariin 31.05. mennessä tässäLisää tietoa: arseniy.svynarenko (at) Ohjelma 13.00-14.15: Mitä tutkimus kertoo ruokajakelutyön riskeistä? Mikko Perkiö: ORIFODY-tutkimuksen päätulokset Arseniy Svynarenko: Työturvallisuuden rakenteet ruokajakelutyössäBenta Mbare: Psycho-social risks of food delivery …

Will the new EU initiative protect platform workers from the negative effects of AI and algorithmic management on working conditions?

by Arseniy Svynarenko, Mikko Perkiö, Benta Mbare, and Meri Koivusalo Algorithmic management is increasingly important for occupational wellbeing. This is reflected in the Italian court ruled in January 2021 against Deliveroo’s rider-ranking algorithm in the case that was brought by a group of delivery workers and the Italian General Confederation of Labour. The platform’s algorithmic …

Definition game – from partners to customers?

by Meri Koivusalo, Mikko Perkiö, Arseniy Svynarenko, and Benta Mbare In this blog we focus on the debate concerning employment status and how the new European Commission proposals on improving working conditions in platform work relate to this on the ground of our research on platform work. We examine some key elements in the Commission …

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